How to make a Schedule of Condition?

by Shepherd Moises

When new tenants move into your home or apartment, there are several legal procedures to follow. One of the important things to do is to sign a tenancy agreement. Then a new important document is attached to the agreement, the schedule of condition.

The Schedule of Condition is a document consisting of photos, videos, and a written document. A simple format with text and photos is appropriate if you are renting an empty house or have few possessions.

Property inventories not only protect the rights of the property owner. Completing this document is useful for the tenant as well. A fully completed report helps the tenant to limit his or her obligations in the future when compensating the tenant’s property. But what if an area of the property is not in the photograph, but there is the damage? In that case, the tenant’s liability is not limited to the area shown in the photograph. It restores even defects not seen in the photo.

In practice, however, the tenant can refuse to pay compensation if the photo does not show any defect in the property. In this case, professional clerks use video recording. The recording is done from all sides of the same piece.

Even with a careful schedule of conditions, there are factors that neither photos nor video can capture. We are talking about a leaky faucet, a loose finish, and an increase in humidity in one place or another. Therefore, if you have doubts about a particular detail, it is better to immediately schedule and video survey on the state of the property.

To make an inventory or schedule of condition, you can use the services of a professional inventory company in London. Inventory includes a house inspection and an assessment of the condition from all sides.

We recommend that you be careful not to confuse a condition chart with an inventory. A condition chart simply captures the entire property. An inventory includes a detailed description of the damage and defects, the work needed to repair them.

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