Get Bad News to Work For You Instead of Against You

by Shepherd Moises

I’ve been hearing a lot of reluctance lately from marketers about the idea of prospecting because PROSPECTS are concerned about the economy and are hesitant to spend money on something new, such as starting a business.

It seems like you just can’t turn on the television, pick up a newspaper, or listen to the radio without hearing gloom and doom stories about falling real estate, job losses, declining stock market, and on and on.

Regardless of what’s happening in the economy and what the future holds, we need to keep in mind that as network marketers we have a solution to many peoples’ problems. Building a business isn’t about us. It’s about the customer or prospect and what we can offer others to help them.

If you approach your business building with that mindset, everything falls into place much nicer. We need to be delivering GOOD news every time we meet and visit with people! After all, we should believe that what we have and are living could be theirs as well!

There ARE like-minded people out there that are standing out in the crowd like never before. They’re not wringing their hands, but instead taking advantage of opportunities! We are asked to work harder on ourselves than we do on our business–and then isn’t it just great that our mindset is such that the “media” can’t shake us?!

When someone tells you that they don’t want to spend the money now to start a business venture, let them know that you know how they feel; and then once they do some more research they will find that building a network marketing business is a very realistic way to develop a residual income and build financial security no matter what the economic environment may look like.

Let’s take an example and look at the stock market for a minute. The volatility in the stock market today is creating incredible stress, to put it mildly, among investors and traders alike. But, what if you could recommend a stock to someone which they could purchase for, say, less than $1,000 and, over time and with some effort, would start producing a return of $100, $200, $400, or even more, per WEEK? Do you think they MIGHT be interested? I would certainly think so!

Reality is that starting and building a network marketing business can be equivalent of such a stock–and you just have to give people the info they need and show them how it can be exactly that.

Here’s another example, talking about savings. I agree that saving is very important; but let’s look at the numbers. Let’s say you have $10,000 in an account that pays 5% simple interest. In one year, the return will be $500. That’s all well and good, but don’t you think that people might be interested in an alternative where they can earn many times that return for just one-tenth the investment?

Face it – financially speaking, the best of the best and the safest of the safe have gone down globally. Decisions now come down to personal responsibility in the two most important areas of peoples’ lives…health and wealth.

The only way someone is going to rise above the situation is to stand up and take control of their future. People need multiple streams of income and one of those streams should be network marketing, which is a very realistic way to build financial security no matter what the economic environment may look like.

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