Top 5 Common Causes Of Drain Blockage

by Shepherd Moises

Blocked drains are the most common problem faced by every homeowner. It is one of the most time-consuming and expensive problems to fix if you do not address it adequately. Indeed, there are a few causes that lead to such problems. The necessary preventive measures can ensure that your property stays in working condition and the replacement cost stays minimum.

●    Grease And Fat

It is one of the common causes of clogged drainage systems. But on the other hand, It is the easiest to prevent. The fat substances stick on the pipeline while causing a blockage. To prevent this problem, one must be watchful while pouring down any liquid in the drainage system.

●    Hair

Hair is a delicate object. But it can cause a significant blockage. The build-up of hair can sometimes stop the water from passing through the drain. It can be a huge problem for homeowners. There are few comprehensive products in the market that help to catch it before it can go down the plughole. But if you want to avoid the problem altogether, it is mandatory to go for a regular check and clear out the accumulation of hair in and around the plughole to unblock drains Molesey.

●    Foreign Particles

The foreign objects may not be responsible for the complete blockage of the train. But as time goes by, the collection of material can clog the drain while preventing the water from flowing freely.

Any built-up foreign objects, including nappies, sanitary items, or soaps, can cause serious blockage problems. Hence you must pay attention to whatever you put down into the toilet. Ensure you check out for the missing kids’ toys, as kids can playfully or accidentally flush them down the toilet.

●    Toiletries

Toilet papers and baby items are the everyday things that can block the drain. Papers can be flushed down the drain, but if you do it excessively, the pieces can stick together inside the drainage pipe, causing an obstruction.

Also, baby items like nappies and wipes are not designed to be put in toilets. They do not disperse in water. So if you put it inside the toilet, it can create obstacles while leading to the cause of the blockage.

●    Trees And Leaves

Finally, the focus may shift toward external objects. Sometimes their low-maintained garden can affect the drains. However, to get a flourishing garden, one must incorporate maintenance. Hence, it would help if you worked hard to keep the garden free from debris and leaves. If you cannot maintain the garden properly, it can cause a significant problem in your drainage.

Bottom Line

If your home experiences the problem of blocked drains, you must not hesitate to call for professional help. The experts tend to use their specialized equipment to tackle problems related to drain blockage. No matter how big or small the problem is, the experience and skills of the experts would let them handle any job while maintaining a certain standard of care. With minimal description and maximum efficiency, you can trust such a specialist.

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