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Leaving Dionysus Powerful music with that extra bit of magic sparkle and polish that you just HAVE to experience for yourself - Superb writing by a seriously talented musician whose production skills are flawless. Highly Recommended!

Gomito Productions  A Touring Theatre Company, established for the main purpose of T.I.E. (Theatre In Education) but also with pure stage productions in the pipeline. We bring a youthful energy and new edge to the stage....

www.doh-re-mi.co.uk  Music Tuition [harp, piano, violin, music technology, music theory, and improvisation] Free original sheet music, tips, games, online music book shop and poster store...

stolen name productions  Apple Mac based sound/music and art/design studio. Services include pre/post sound editing, sound design and sfx, CD production and artwork, design work (leaflets, banners, postcards, business cards etc..) web design, photography...

Sonic Hybrid  Alien Sounds to take you on an aural trip...Free mp3 and real audio tracks from the latest album from Sonic Hybrid...soundscapes, contemporary dancescapes, artscapes, sound installations and film music....

www.Amdram.co.uk Amatuer Dramatics

casting agent UK’s leading casting resource to film, theatre and television companies seeking vetted, experienced and professional actors

Ali M's Haven  "The Haven was created by Ali M in an attempt to bring about world peace. Unfortunately, due to the lack of support for the concept of world peace, this project has been cancelled and replaced by a story about mushrooms. May world peace rest in peace."

Classical.com The world’s favourite classical music subscription offering online listening, downloads, custom CDs, and a huge resource of entertaining information to expand your classical music knowledge.

1&1 Domain name registration and web hosting - complete with a money back guarantee!

KindWeb.ComMusic Resources, Band Links, Musicians Finder, Events Calendar, Venues Finder, Activism, Natural Health, a Great Search Engine, and more...

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